Business Bookkeeping

Ready to turn over the bookkeeping tasks so you can focus on running your business? I offer bookkeeping services including: cleanups (for messy records), catch ups (to brings the books up to date), setups (to transfer or setup a brand new set of books using QuickBooks Online), and monthly recurring bookkeeping management.

Please note: Pricing for these services varies depending on your exact needs. On average, pricing for the recurring monthly bookkeeping service is between 1-3% of annual sales split into monthly payments.

Expense/Budget Management

In addition to our business bookkeeping services, we offer expense tracking and budget management for the personal individual or family needs. We know how hard it can be to manage the many tasks you juggle every month. Without proper spending and budget management, your personal finances can spiral out of control. That's why 360 ProBooks provides these services to help you worry about one less task in your life. Not only will you receive accurate personal financial activity reports, but we also provide month-to-month analysis of the variations in your spending habits. Whatever budget you set, we help you keep track of how well you're sticking to it. The start to financial success is having a pulse on your financial health. Tracking and budgeting your spending vs. earnings and savings is a vital key to understanding your financial pulse and overall financial health.

Please note: 360 ProBooks does not offer to pay personal bills. We also do not provide financial planning, spending or investment advice. Our service goal is strictly to categorize your expenses to help you manage your monthly budget.

Tax Preparation Services

360 ProBooks currently only offers tax preparation services to its bookkeeping clients. If you are a 360 ProBooks client please reach out for more information on these services. If you are not a client, I'd be glad to connect with you in regards to tax services you could receive as a bookkeeping client. 360 ProBooks hopes to open these services to non-bookkeeping clients in the future. However, for the time being, and to guarantee the highest quality service, these services are only for current clients. If you have any questions or would like referrals to my network of tax preparers I'd be glad to assist you.